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Yuleiny Escobar

Memories are in the Walls

Yuleiny is a first generation Mexican American, the daughter of two Mexican immigrants. She and her husband have taken on the project of renovating a house built back in 1912 on Montgomery Street. The home holds centuries old history. It is so full of memories that it has souvenirs spilling out of the walls, Escobar exclaims. She has found things like old baby shoes, newspapers, and an old iron. Literally a treasure trough of relics that are priceless.

Escobar was born in New York, but her family moved around multiple times in the
United States. Escobar made her way to Memphis when she was around fourteen years old, moved around the country a bit and found her way back to memphis years later to stay.

As she has continued to travel around the United States and to Mexico and back, Yuleiny has been a string voice for the Latinx community,
especially those who are considered undocumented immigrants.

In Memphis, she carries on her activist work by partnering with Desayuno con Libros, which translates to Breakfast with Books. This is a space and program created for Latinx community members to feel welcome and at home. The program consists of summer reading
programs and resource availability.

As much as people try to say that you know their is help there is support, I would say that the undocumented community is very marginalized,” said Yuleiny Escobar.

Escobar believes that there are many ways to make Memphis more inclusive for the LatinX community and other marginalized groups. She believes it starts with not viewing us as marginal…



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