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Wendy Sumner-Winter and Amy Borkin

Forming A Lasting Sisterhood

As they sit on the patio and enjoy wine on a sunny day, we are introduced to Wendy
Sumner-Winter, who has lived in the Cooper-Young area since 1998. She and her husband are
currently raising their 15-year-old daughter, Virginia, and their 13-year-old son, Jack. We also meet her neighbor and good friend, Amy Borkin, who moved to the Cooper-Young area in 2007 with her husband. She currently has two sons aged nine and thirteen. Amy is not a Memphis native, but her family frequents the city every holiday season.

Amy tells us the hilarious story that sparked her and Wendy’s friendship. Wendy invited
Amy and her children over for a birthday party, and the plan was to show a movie in the
backyard. However, they quickly realized that they did not have the necessary equipment.

Amy, being the teacher that she is, had a projector at her home that she lent them to show the movie. It was then that Wendy told her, “I like you, You can fix things.”

This was one of many funny stories that set the tone for their friendship. They began to hang out more and more as time progressed. One of the moments of support that sticks out to Wendy was when she and her husband decided to take full custody of Jack. They became non-custodial parents, and he would visit them every other weekend.  As time progressed, they realized it was in his best interest for them to get full custody.

Wendy reminisces on the moment when she expressed nervousness about taking him in, and Amy reassured her by telling her “We’ve got this! We’re a family.” This was not an empty promise. It was one backed with action and unconditional love, so much so that they both feel as if their families feel blended together as one. They even took a beach family vacation together, which they both agree was an amazing experience that felt natural.

Being neighbors to them represents much more than just sharing a driveway or living
across the street or borrowing a lawnmower (which Amy admits to having done and breaking the cord). It’s about support and building community. It’s about showing up for one another and creating a support system to help build up your community. Even in moments where they might be busy and can’t hang out as often, they know they can still count on one another to show up when they need them…



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