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Though Dee was an amazing poet early on, she took her writing very seriously and kept it very close to her heart. She didn’t share it with many people. Even those close to her would have to wait to experience the fullness of her art, including Tim. It

Living With Grace Wendy Oliver attended Evans Elementary and for high school, Overton. Of the six children her parents had, she would be the only one to not attend Hamilton.Oliver is a resident of the Alcy Ball community and has been since her family built a home

Cheering to the Finish Tim Green, Jr. grew up in Valley Forge Apartments. His neighborhood is that unique space that could be considered Whitehaven or Westwood. He calls it Whitehaven, and honestly, either choice is all good. Growing up, Tim met a lot of different people from all backgrounds. He

By the time she made her arrival into the arms of a mid-wife, Mary Mitchell, the historian of Orange Mound, Tennessee, was surrounded by generations of loving family members welcoming her into a good life. Her parents lived as double tenants alongside several other members

He encourages people to work for change even if it means punching the clock again and again. The mission, if they choose to accept it, is to overcome and not succumb to obstacles in the way of their journey. Never stop wanting to see and be the change. Keep

Planning for the Future Michalyn Easter-Thomas currently serves as the Memphis City Councilwoman for District 7, which comprises of historic North Memphis neighborhoods like Douglass, Voluntine-Evergreen, Hyde Park, Klondike, Smokey City, Nutbush and more. These are areas she is very familiar with as she has spent most

Challenge The Status Quo With Love Michael J. Curtis is a proud South Memphis native, who went back and forth between Alcy Ball snd Castalia. Curtis is a Registered Nurse with a statuesque physique, charismatic cadence and winning smile which made the conversation even more interesting. I

Breaking Down The Kendrick Consent Decree Attorney Jake Brown has been a part of the Memphis community since he was 12 years old. He grew up in the Germantown area and now lives in the Midtown where he is a senior litigator at a private law firm.

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