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Tracy T. Rowe

I, You, We Deserve to Feel Important

Tracy T. Rowe is a resident of Bartlett, TN. She isn’t the kind of resident that just comes out and waters her plants and takes scrolls through the park. She is an active change agent in her community. As an educated and agitated woman, she is making it her duty to bring attention to the systemic racism that is being played out inside her own community and across the city of Memphis.

Rowe would describe her neighborhood of Bartlett as a world of its own. A world that
has decided to on occasion ignore the cries of justice and equality. A world that continues to show themselves to be on the wrong side of history.

Rowe reflects on a time when she and
others had to fight for her nephew’s criminal record all because he wanted to go to the
park. More specifically, her nephew, who is a resident of Bartlett, was simply visiting a
park nearby. He wanted to do what most young people do, hang out and be free. An officer came up to him assuming that Rowe’s nephew was trespassing, assuming her nephew didn’t belong in “their community.” Rowe’s nephew was scared by the officer out of fear that he would end up losing his own life, so Rowe’s nephew ran.

The officer ended up arresting Rowe’s nephew over a complete misunderstanding. Rowe and others had to go through a very tough time of getting their innocent loved one out of jail and his record expunged.

At the end of all this, It left Rowe feeling alienated in her own community. It made her feel like she and her loved ones were a threat to the community. In reality, she was, is and will continue to be there wake up call.…



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