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Tia “Song Bird” Henderson: Just Keep Going

People all over the world consider Memphis the legendary blueprint for Rock, Soul, and Blues music. From its inception and even to today that legacy lives on through artists like Tia “Song Bird” Henderson. Tia’s journey in music did not start off as smooth as you may think. Behind this incredible voice, there was an insecure girl who secretly felt like she could never do it.

Tia is from Raleigh , TN. She grew up with her mother and her sister, where she experienced many shifts in her home life. One day Tia was living a stable life in one of the best areas of Memphis. Then, before she knew it, she, her mother, and her sister were on the street. Tia believes that an experience like this gave her what she recognizes now as a lens of gratitude. She asserts this is how she lives her life and makes decisions for her path.

Tia is grateful that she knows what it’s like to have it all and then have nothing at all. This is a pattern that would mirror her career path as she discovered that music was something she wanted to take on full time. It’s all in journey for her.

But at first, Tia was on her way to becoming an entertainment lawyer to be an advocate for other artists and entertainers. While a great choice, what Tia really wanted was to use her own voice to inspire and advocate for hearts of the world. She clearly admits it has not been an easy transition for her. She came out of college with a lot of anxiety, shame, and guilt. She felt she disappointed her mother, and maybe to some extent she did.

Of course, the onset of COVID really exacerbated her feelings. Due to the pandemic, Tia had nothing on her hands but time.  Reflecting on quarantine we can all think of a time when we were staring out our windows wondering when will our lives begin again. Tia found herself doing the same thing about two weeks into quarantine, just as her career was starting to launch. She was sitting around thinking about how much time she was spending inside as opposed to out in the world using her gift.

She decided to confer with trusted influencers in her life. They gave her the encouraging words to “seize the moment.” And that’s exactly what she has decided to do…



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