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Teven Lavell

Music In His Soul

Teven grew up in the South Memphis area, where he attended Riverview Middle School and Carver High School and graduated from Memphis Business Academy. All of his schools were nearby. He remembers being able to walk from his grandmother’s house to school for most of his education. Growing up in South Memphis, he was diligent about the company he kept and the things he spent his time doing. He wanted to make sure that he did not fall into the wrong crowd, and because of this, he began to play baseball. He also occupied a lot of his time with music and this is what has kept his attention to today.

Lavell was especially inspired by a music teacher that he had in elementary school that took him under his wing. Sometimes he would stay back after class, and his teacher would allow him to play the piano that he had in his classroom. He would also eventually join the choir. Throughout his time of participating in the choir and playing the piano, Teven would ultimately decide that music was something that he wanted to do for the rest of his life. It became more than just a hobby after school. Music became something he loved and was genuinely passionate about. He began to branch out and even learned new instruments, such as the drums. He wanted to use his voice more outside of just choir and started to perform in talent shows.

Lavell admits though, his love for music is generational, with many members of his family being musically inclined. Most of his family sings, some of them produce music, and some of them rap or play instruments. They all have their distinct talents. However, music has always been something that brought them together and gave one another a reason to rally around each other’s talents and gifts…

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