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Henry “Sir Henry” Booker: King of Keys

Henry Booker knew what economic oppression looked like but he never knew that was the situation he and his family were in. All he knew was that he stayed in a two room shack with seven to eight of his family members. As he would say, he didn’t know he was poor, he just didn’t really ask for much except his sheet music and a set of keys for him to play on.

Henry Booker is also known as Sir Henry or King of Keys. Sir Henry comes from the
creative imagination of his mother by way of a dream. She could remember clearly the
day she dreamt of her son’s name in bright lights as if on broadway. After experiencing
her dream, her heart was full with joy and her mind was full with endless possibilities.
Sir Henry’s music career started in just the fourth grade with his trumpet.

Music is something that made a huge transition in Booker’s life. It was a distraction for him that
took him away from other lifestyle choices that were around him that could cause him harm. Music kept Sir Henry present in the moment.

Music also allowed him to appreciate the things around him. So his passion for music coupled with the encouragement and support from his mother flourished into something more. As a child, his mom would take him to churches near and far so that her Sir Henry could reach audiences all around.



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