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Maurice Blair

It was Dr. King’s dedication that served as Maurice Blair’s motivation. Everybody wants to master change until it requires a little slaving like rolling up one’s sleeves and actually creating the pavement that others will one day walk down in order to travel. The rose that grew from concrete may require Blair’s hands to lay the gravel. On any given day, pushing through is a must, and he does what he has to. He says, “A great leader not only knows the way, but they show the way.” They don’t always say what they do but they always do what they say. They’ve graduated just talking. It is their personal responsibility to pave the road they’re walking. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there,

Blair is convinced people should get “there” when they can.

He encourages people to work for change even if it means punching the clock again and again. The mission, if they choose to accept it, is to overcome and not succumb to obstacles in the way of their journey. Never stop wanting to see and be the change. Keep yearning for it. What can’t be seen on the other side of progress, is worth earning.

For Blair, it’s about dedication, perseverance, and standing when you really just feel like sitting. He truly believes it’s the doer who has to commit to doing everything but quitting. Even in Dr. King’s last speech, Blair shares how Dr. King didn’t feel like going, but he went because the mission was much bigger than him and he had seeds that only his hands were in charge of sowing, so had he sat out at any point, he would’ve that would’ve meant sitting out of growing, and that is what sets effective leaders apart from those who just talk a good game.

There are no blurred lines with Blair. His message is plain. He is aware that jealousy, envy, and animosity can creep in when a person least
expects it, especially among his own race. He doesn’t just turn the other cheek when faced with negativity, he does an about-face. He makes no room for colorism or attacks that seek to make its way through the cracks…

An excerpt from the forthcoming Anthology ‘ Our Neighbors, Our Stories: Finding Common Ground…’

story by Carin Malone

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