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Paint yourself clean

Larry Walker is originally from a historic north memphis neighborhood called New Chicago. Many know him for his professional portraits that he creates. He’s done portraits for political leaders in Memphis and other influential people in the Midsouth community.

For several decades Walker was known solely as an amazing artist, then one day a million dollar
idea was born out of a novel conversation between he and his wife.

As parents are well aware of, getting your children into the bath can sometimes be an olympic gold metal sport.

Walker’s wife one day expressed to Walker that she was having so much difficulty getting the kids into the bath. After expressing her concerns, she jokingly said to him, “I wish you could just paint them into the bathtub.” Little did Walker’s wife know that Walker would continue thinking about that statement well past the time she said it. Once Walker’s mind got to thinking, he then made his first prototype for what is now known as the “Paint Yourself Clean” product.

Paint Yourself Clean is a bath set that teaches and encourages children to have good personal hygiene. The package comes with about five soaps and each of them represent a color in the rainbow. It comes with a bath brush that is used to dip into the colorful soap and paint onto the child during bath time. They quite literally paint
themselves clean, and it makes the job so much more fun and engaging…



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