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LaDell Beamon began a journey of healing and ministering to those in his beloved Longview Heights neighborhood. Beamon was raised in a single-parent household with the help of his grandmother, who had been wheelchair-bound since birth. She serves as a source of guidance and inspiration to him, as she also raised and cared for 26 foster children on her own. Beamon’s grandmother instilled in him the love and strength needed to pursue his ministry.

It was in this South Memphis neighborhood that LaDell was called to minister. As a kid, everyday  was a test for him. He was constantly bullied and forced to defend himself daily. Unknown to LaDell these young men were associated with Craig Pettis, a notoriously dangerous drug trafficker. As a child, LaDell was unaware of how dangerous this situation was for him. “That showed my ignorance”, LaDell admits. “But I’m fighting these guys every day and I’m winning,” he exclaims. “I later found out they couldn’t let that ride. It was about reputation for them, so they couldn’t let this ‘nerdy, grandmother’s boy’ beat them” on their turf.

Years later, things come full circle for LaDell. While working with students at Hamilton High School, LaDell ran into one of his childhood bullies. Come to find out, he was a mentor to this individual’s daughter and didn’t even know it! The moral of the story is the very same people that once found themselves “poisoning our community, God will allow us to minister to their kids,” and that’s when the real change begins.

We get the opportunity to correct the wrongs happening in their life,” says LaDell.

Opportunities like these are what made Longview Heights a special place for Beamon and a baseline for how Heal the Hood is able to impact the world daily.



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