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Building on The Lemoyne-Owen Legacy

On the campus of Lemoyne Owen College (LOC), the only Historically Black College/university (HBCU) in Memphis, we meet alumnus Johnathan Ealy, who spent four intriguing years as a student and now longtime graduate of this distinguished alma mater. He states that he owes a lot to LOC and describes Lemoyne as a safe space. Anyone familiar with the HBCU experience can attest that it feels like home, and you create your own sense of family and home away from home.

Ealy boasts that Lemoyne-Owen adequately prepared him to go out into the world and serve others. He remembers his time at the college
fondly, reminiscing on step shows, people hanging out on the lawn, and the daily choir practices in the basement of the academic building.

Jonathan considers Lemoyne-Owen a best-kept secret. “Many people do not truly understand how great of a place it is,” says Ealy. As his mind went back in time, Ealy begins to paint a picture of what his first day on Lemoyne-Owen’s campus looked like. You can hear and see the excitement in his face even now as he can barely wipe the
smile from his face. Ok. here goes. He is 18-years old, on his own for the first time. He had been awarded both an academic and a vocal music scholarship. He remembers outlining what he hoped to gain from his college experience.
Now that day is here. He’s moved into college dorm. He had about six cars full of people came to help him move in. Like himself, they were excited for this next step that he was about to take in his life. And he couldn’t wait for them to leave so he could start his semi independent journey.

Ealy says he looks forward to replicating that feeling of love and excitement for his nephew, who is embarking on a similar journey to college very soon…



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