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Memphis Film Works

MFW.org is the online media source publication of Memphis FilmWorks, inc, a non-profit film and multi media company focused on connecting communities with compelling stories that amplify, preserve, and promote the art, life, history and culture of the Mid South.

Memphis FilmWorks was officially designated as a 501 c3 public charity in March of 2016. This year, we are expanding our reach to diverse audiences who enjoy reading, listening and viewing unique stories focused on the Mid South.

Our Neighbors Our Story

Our Neighbors Our Stories Series explores the art, life, history, and culture of Memphis neighborhoods and the shared story experiences of families and residents who shape them.

Our goal was to engage 300 families and residents over a two-year period to better understand their desires for how to best improve the future of their communities. We also wanted to understand what once made their community an area of pride and beacon of culture for their neighborhoods and the generation of families that still refer to these communities as home.
The result of our engagement efforts was the outpouring of 350 stories that resembled gardens of resilience, innovation, a resuscitation of ideas and approaches to reinvigorating their spaces.

History Ambassadors Program

The MFW History Ambassadors Program (HAP)
An interactive, educational experience designed to enhance the knowledge of middle and high school students in underserved neighborhoods around the rich history, heritage, and culture of Memphis and Midsouth.

Our Goal
The goal of HAP is to foster a sense of civic and community pride through the cross-pollination of community and neighborhood stories. Thereby, connecting youth with historical and character-building knowledge that not only enhances their sense of self and appreciation for the contributions their forebears have made throughout the years, but also instilling a greater sense of pride and ownership in the positive outcome of their future story.

The iWin Summit

The iWin Summit is a community gathering of innovators, creatives, and social entrepreneurs who are passionate about building sustainable communities and connect with one another along the lines of what maximizes our strengths, minimize our divide, and propel our American cities to thrive.

The iWin Summit is a Community Gathering of socially conscious innovators, thought leaders, inspirational speakers, and change agents committed to revolutionizing the way we work, live, and play in our neighborhoods and communities.
We are intentional about bringing together diverse backgrounds who are passionate about giving back, expanding opportunities for others, and willing to share best practices to address critical concerns brewing in our backyard.
This event unites several generations of thought to solve our most pressing human issues. Thereby, creating meaningful pathways to long-term succession planning, capacity building, and legacy fulfillment for all.
Each of our 12 workshops will be guided by a panel of speakers actively engaged in the activation of each topic listed below. Stay Tuned for our Speaker Lineup.

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