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GenoGwap: Pain to Poetry

Ever since GenoGwap was younger he has been surrounded by the negative and positive impacts of poverty. His mom always worked 2-3 jobs and even then, as a single mother, she still struggled with keeping the family financially afloat. GenoGwap recalls nights when all he had for dinner was a slice of cheese and a glass of water.

Oftentimes, GenoGwap had to lean on the community around him for guidance that wasn’t offered in his home. For instance, he had several father figures throughout his life. He also has a God mother who took him under her wing when he was younger. She was the neighborhood candy lady, and she would be the one to teach GenoGwap how to be his own boss.

GenoGwap was a hustler. He sold his own breakfast at school. He sold school supplies
and sometimes his godmother’s candy too. He figured that if he can’t be provided for
then he would become his own provider. GenoGwap eventually transitioned from sales
into services and became a young barber at only 12 years old. He started off with “$5
chops” until working his way up and graduating into cutting the hair of one of his favorite
Memphis artists, Skinny Pimp.



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