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Drapper Cox: Reality has Set In

Drapper Cox is from Glenview where he grew up with Michael Jordan dreams. When he was
younger he played basketball. He said that he used to travel up and down the court playing for
several people but the seats were never filled with the people he needed to see. His dreams
soon turned sour when he realized his parents were too busy fighting each other to see what
their son was involved in. Cox didn’t think there was much of a point to playing if no one showed
interest in encouraging or supporting his aspirations. His parents fell victim to drugs and alcohol and often filled Cox’s childhood home with violence as a result. His home life made it hard for him to focus in school and hard for him to stay interested in basketball. He then turned to the streets where he found quick trills and a fast lifestyle. Unfortunately, after many days of staying out too late and trying to make quick cash, he began to have a criminal record. Cox now carries the label felon, one he had no idea how it would hunt him until it did.

He said when he went to prison for the first time he saw himself as a “ghetto hero.” He thought
that prison was a place that you go into and “come out as a man.” But once he got out of prison he realized just how much the label of “felon” held him back. He told us about a time when he worked at a place on Shelby Drive and Lamar Avenue for quite some time. He spent that time working hard and earning himself two raises with two promotions. Then, one day Cox would look up and he would be fired for being a felon.

Cox is frustrated with the way society views felons. He feels that his debt can never be paid because he will always be looked at as someone who is a cast away from society.



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