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Adeli Gomero: From Lima to Memphis

Lima, Peru the capital and largest city in Peru. It’s made up of a region of mountains, coasts, valleys, and jungles. It is also the homeland of Adeli Gomero. As Gomero grew into the adult world, she found herself drawn to piecing things together and fixing things that were broken. She eventually landed herself in the professional career of Engineering.

Gomero eventually saw it in her path to move to the United States where she would make Memphis, TN her home of over 20 years. When she first arrived in the United States, she was not allowed to work for roughly 10 years of her time being here. Although she was saddened, she knew that sitting around waiting to be able to work was not an option. So she divided it into jewelry making.

When Gomero was in college, beading and making jewelry was a hobby that she truly enjoyed. She capitalized on her hobby by taking as many classes as she could. Over the course of 10 years without work, she had learned enough techniques and made enough jewelry to turn her hobby into a full-time business. Now we have Adeli Designs LLC.

At Adeli Designs LLC, you will find a beauty store inside filled with a plethora of colorful, and creatively made jewelry. Gomero also offers one-on-one classes for a small fee where she will offer clients their very own resource: Adeli Gomero herself. If you told Gomero 10-20 years ago that she would have been opening a jewelry store, then she probably would not have believed you because that was not in her plan.

Her original plan was to continue to pursue engineering in the United States, and although she loves her new path, she will still feel a lingering pain from the loss of her first career choice. On the bright side, Gomero said she made good lemonade out of the lemons that were given to her.

She takes her career change as a blessing that can be shared with others.  Gomero sees jewelry-making as a form of therapy and she takes a sense of pride in the fact that it is an original creation. Other people enjoy the sense of peace and pride that comes with making jewelry with Gomero, such as the retired community.

Since opening her business, she was been able to give those who are out of work a chance to get into something new and original.

Adeli Designs and Adeli Gomero prides themselves on having a family-oriented environment. At Adeli Designs there is a family dynamic. When someone walks in not only are they welcomed with open arms but Gomero makes it her duty to ensure if someone needs help in any way, she and those in her facility will help. This is a lesson that she believes all people, including Memphians, should take this approach when considering being better neighbors.

There is no justice done when the bystander effect is in full form.



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