Tuesday / September 27.

TheMFW.org is the online media source publication of Memphis FilmWorks, inc, a non-profit film and multi-media company focused on connecting communities with compelling stories that amplify, preserve, and promote the art, life, history, and culture of the Mid South.

Memphis FilmWorks was officially designated as a 501 c3 public charity in March of 2016. This year, we are expanding our reach to diverse audiences who enjoy reading, listening, and viewing unique stories focused on the Mid South.

Our Hope

MFW is positioned to be the lead content publisher for experiential thinking, creative consciousness, social innovation, conversation, and expression.  We believe in the intellectual power of our residents and will align with them on showing the world what the Midsouth offers the world and what it needs to be a healthy and sustained global city.

Through our collective works, we hope to capture the truest essence of the human experience.

Our Impact

Memphis has only scratched the surface of being a world stage for Midsouth art, life, history and culture. We also look forward to delving into incredible shared stories steeped in social change, activism, and community action.

Our Commitment

We will work with Community members to share their loved experiences through:

  • one on one interviews,
  • Oral Histories,
  • Community News,
  • Award Winning Podcasts,
  • Live Talk Shows,
  • Public Broadcasts,
  • Opinion Columns,
  • Reviews,
  • Recaps of Festivals and Events,
  • Documentaries,
  • Artist Highlights, and more.

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